Razer Cynosa V2: A beautiful keyboard that keeps you playing

Radardelostrabajadores – For your gamers, Razer has released their latest gaming keyboard, the Razer Cynosa V2. Cynosa V2 is an update of the Razer Cynosa Chroma. Although it does not contain the name of Chroma, the Chroma RGB feature is still available on this keyboard. Razer Cynosa V2, which tries to reach the market by offering a lower price, comes with a range of features that will make you feel at home playing games for a long time. This keyboard is not equipped with a mechanical switch system, but still retains the diaphragm switches that are the hallmark of the Razer Cynosa Chroma. How was the experience of using this entry-level keyboard from Razer? Let’s discuss it together!

Rich features that make you comfortable

As mentioned before, this keyboard still uses a diaphragm switch, the advantages of a diaphragm switch are that it is more comfortable and has less noise when pressed. Although it does not use a mechanical switch that is claimed to be more durable and responsive, Razer Cynosa still offers interesting specifications for you. There are two features specially made to spoil gamers. First is the polling speed of 1000 Hz to provide a more immediate response to users. There is also an N-key Rollover feature that functions almost the same as Anti-Ghosting to prevent the keyboard from being accidentally pressed. Another advantage of the diaphragm switch on this keyboard is that it lowers the light emitted under the keyboard keys so that it is not too dazzling to the eye, as on most mechanical keyboards. Not only that. In the previous series, the top right corner was filled with indicator lights. On Cynosa, the V2 section is filled with media play buttons. You as a user will definitely be more spoiled by the presence of this media player button.

Waterproof and easy to clean

Apart from a fun and not too flashy design, this keyboard also has a very useful advantage, especially for sloppy players. The first is splash resistance. You must surely, if you play games and are suddenly touched by your drinking water and then spill on the keyboard? Now you no longer have to worry, thanks to the use of diaphragm switches that reduce the gaps that water can pass through. By maximizing the capabilities of this diaphragm switch, Cynosa can tolerate water. Eits, yet, do not let this keyboard intentionally wet, huh! Still in terms of design to beautify the display, Razer Cynosa V2 also offers 3 cable lines at the bottom of this keyboard. You also have more flexibility to manage your convenience, as this keyboard is equipped with a standard that is adjustable to two heights.

Everything is organized in Razer Synapse 3

The LED taillight on the Razer Cynosa V2 can be adjusted according to the user’s color. Unfreeze allows you to adjust the color of each key on the keyboard. Apart from the color of the background, you can also create your own profile, keychain (shortcut) or macro. You can access and change everything through the Razer Synapse 3 software. Unfortunately, these four functions are in different modules. It would be better if driversrazer.com combined all these features in one module in the future to make it easier for users. Especially if you’re just starting to use a game keyboard.